Turn scripts into internal tools in minutes with Onu’s Node SDK

2 min readSep 4, 2023

tl;dr: You can use Onu’s new Node SDK to turn your scripts into internal tools in minutes! If your company is interested in improving your internal tooling stack, please reach out at founders@joinonu.com.

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👍 What we do

Onu is a developer-first tool for turning scripts into internal apps in 5 minutes, no frontend work required. Companies use Onu to empower non-technical teammates to run the scripts that typically only engineers have access to.

🌱 Whats new?

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released a new way to build tasks on Onu — our Node SDK. With Onu, there’s no need to drag and drop frontend components to create the UI for internal tools. Developers can go directly from a Node.js script to an Onu task in minutes.

⚡️ The problem we’re solving

Previously, developers had to create Onu tasks using YAML config, but we quickly learned that YAML isn’t versatile enough to build the complex tasks our customers need. Onu’s Node SDK solves this problem by giving Onu tasks the expressiveness and flexibility of code. It also allows developers to define all of their Onu tasks in their codebase instead of the browser. This means developers can import existing services and libraries into their tasks and test and deploy their tasks like the rest of their codebase. No learning curve!

Image of an Onu script written with the Node SDK and the internal tool that it creates.

Please give us your feedback! What other SDK languages would be helpful for you?

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Onu is a Y-Combinator backed developer tools startup building a platform for turning scripts into internal tools in 5 minutes.