Feature Launch: Demo tasks & templates will help you build internal tools in 5 minutes.

2 min readAug 30, 2023

tl;dr: You can use Onu’s demo tasks and templates to test out the platform and create your first internal tool in minutes! If your company is interested in improving your internal tooling stack, please reach out at founders@joinonu.com.

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👍 What we do

Onu is a developer-first platform for turning scripts into internal apps in 5 minutes, no frontend work required. Companies use Onu to empower non-technical teammates to run the scripts that typically only engineers have access to.

🌱 Whats new?

We’re excited to announce we’ve added demo tasks and task templates to help you explore the platform and build your firsts tasks in a few clicks. We integrated the top customer use cases into the demo tasks and templates to give you some ideas of how the Onu platform can help your company’s internal operations.

♟️ The problems we’re solving

These two features came from feedback we heard from our users:

  1. Upon signing into Onu it was unclear what the end product of an Onu task would look and feel like.
  2. It feels daunting to build your first task from scratch.
  3. After building the first few tasks, it wasn’t clear how to continue getting the most out of the platform.

⚡️ Our solution

Demo Tasks

Now when you log in to Onu, you’ll see 3 pre-configured tasks that showcase our different input types and integrations. They’re ready to go, so all you need to do is fill in the inputs and hit “Run” to understand how an Onu task works. What’s even better is that we show you the source code for each task, so you can replicate them in your own project!


We’ve provided a few templates based on the most common use cases we’ve seen from our customers to give you some ideas and a starting point. Below the task list you’ll find 3 javascript/typescript templates:

  • Send a welcome email to your new customers
  • Create a Stripe subscription
  • Process & aggregate CSV data

You can run the CLI command or copy/paste the code into your project to build on top of these templates!

Watch this quick demo for more info, and go to the task page to see both features in action.

Please give us your feedback! Are there specific demo tasks or templates you’d like incorporated into Onu?

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Onu is a Y-Combinator backed developer tools startup building a platform for turning scripts into internal tools in 5 minutes.